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Sports Massage

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Some of the most exciting benefits of Sports Massage are:

enhanced athletic performance,
faster workout recovery,
fewer injuries 
faster recovery from injury,
restored flexibility and range of motion, removal of lactic acid buildup,
extending the overall life of your athletic career,
reducing feelings of stress, and
maintaining the body in better condition.

Consider Sports Massage as part of your training and gain an edge before the race, as well as shorter recovery time post race.
Massage can have immediate and ongoing benefits for the body. An immediate benefit of massage is a feeling of relaxation and calm. This occurs because massage prompts the release of endorphins, which is the chemical in the brain that produces feelings of wellbeing.

Massage also reduces the levels of stress hormones (such as adrenalin, cortisol and norepinephrine) in the body. This is important because high levels of stress hormones may impair the immune system. 

You'll feel much better with a relaxation massage.
I can ease the soreness by massaging the tight muscles in your neck and shoulders with specific technique.

Along with relieving neck pain, receiving massage on a regular basis helps keep all your joints limber, which reduces your chances of pulling a muscle.

It also improves your posture and flexibility, increases range of motion, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, encourages relaxation and relieves stress.

Hot Stone Massage

This massage is incredibly beneficial to your body and mind.  The stones take you to another level of relaxation allowing the therapist to get to those really deep knots without causing pain. 

It allows your autonomous nervous system to kick in, letting all those wonderful healing hormones do their thing.

The therapist places warm stones on strategic places on your body to allow for maximum effect and then gently, using essential oils rubs the stones on you.

Be warned, you should not get a hot stone massage in the morning as you will be so relaxed that all you will want to do is sleep afterwards. 
Price List
Massage is incredibly personal, by that I mean that the length of massage you choose depends on your fitness, age, muscle tone and general health and how well your body responds to massage.  And your budget.  
  • 30   minute massage $45
  • 45   minute massage $65
  • 60   minute massage $80
  • 90   minute massage $110
  • 120 minute massage $150
  • 60 minutes hot stone therapy $95
  • 90 minutes hot stone therapy $135
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