I can calm your nerves
less fight or flight, 
more calm and peace

Massage Therapist
Hi I'm Vicki-ann Thornton owner of Massage for Life an exclusive massage therapy space for tired worn-out people.

In one hour a week (or whatever time commitment you can manage) I can work with you to produce the peace and calm you dream about in your life.  You will have better relationships, make better decisions, feel more in control of yourself.

The massage I have developed is an intuitive blend of relaxation, therapeutic and a space to talk about what's bothering you.

I have been practising massage for five years and bring a wealth of knowledge, skill and passion for massage to the table (see what I did there?)

​ I have worked with hundreds of sore, tired and stressed out people and have built a thriving business here in Casebrook.

​Look forward to seeing you.